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Escape The Fees

Enjoy super-low fees with our full support of Bitcoin Cash. Average minimum fee starts at just 3 cents. #EscapeTheFees

Enjoy Security & Ease of Use

At iPayYou, you get your own bitcoin address. The address is owned by you, making iPayYou a more secure and a more transparent wallet than our competitors. You retain full control over your funds and can see your balance directly on the blockchain.

We Pay You Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash

Need Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin fast? We will pay you for gift cards you purchase for us, same-day, 365 days per year, most anywhere in the world. Say goodbye to long waiting periods.

Purchase Popular Gift Cards

Purchase popular e-gift-cards such as, Starbucks, eBay, and others. You can finally shop major merchants with Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin. We also make it simple for you to send e-gift-cards to friends and family for their enjoyment.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin

Buy and Sell Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin at any time. All of the top USA banks are supported to buy coins and and all USA banks are supported to sell coins. USD funding is done via ACH transfer.

Pay by Twitter and Email

Need to send Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin to a friend? Simply type in their email or Twitter handle as destination. No more asking them to pre-create a bitcoin address!

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